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Drone Soccer

City Labs Inc. offers a unique seminar that not only helps students get ready for Science Fair season but adults and teachers as well. Parents receive a lot of vital information on how to coach your child through the process. All while children are deciding on a project and learning the core values of project management and setting goals. Students are also provided with coaching through this time in deciding on a project and makerspace materials.

Pop Up Drone Exhibit

We host a pop up drone exhibit that we can showcase at your local school or library. This exhibits gives students and adults the opportunity to maneuver with our drone simulators and 2 minute flight obstacle course. While students are waiting in line to fly the drone they are learning about the science, technology, and engineering portion of it all.




McCrorey YMCA -
Saturday June 15th 10:00am-2:00pm - Drone  Volunteer Sign up


McCrorey YMCA -
Saturday June 22th 10:00am-2:00pm - Drone  Volunteer Sign up


McCrorey YMCA -
Saturday June 29th 10:00am-2:00pm - Drone  Volunteer Sign up



McCrorey YMCA -
Saturday July 20th 10:00am-2:00pm - Drone  Volunteer Sign up


McCrorey YMCA -
Saturday July 27th 10:00am-2:00pm - Drone  Volunteer Sign up


Drone Racing League


Our Drone Racing League (DRL) provides local youth with a fun safe learning environment. The league will starts every year in the spring, and last for approximately 6 weeks per season. This will cost you a total of $140 per season. There will also be a free practice session on drone simulators and minor repair instructions for your drone once a week.

Summer Camps


The Summer Camp is 125$ a week. This is a great deal because on average the typical drone summer camp will cost you approximately $300 to $500. This is without the cost of registration fees, meal fees, or additional materials your child may use. When your child enrolls in our summer camp they will have an all-access pass to the following:

  • A drone o Access to a drone Maker-space for repairs

  •  Drone simulator practice  (roughly 1 hour per session)

  • Sessions are 3 days a week on Monday and Wednesday in the evenings

  •  Children will get hands-on experience with drone operations

  • Understanding of FPV radio control piloting skills o Learning the concepts of Bernoulli’s Principle, Newton’s Third Law, and more

  •  Team Building exercises

Black and Yellow Drone

 Drone Exhibit

New dates coming soon

CompTIA Certification

Taking our classes will help to enhance your knowledge and skills to troubleshoot, configure, and manage the common wired and wireless networks. A CompTIA certification proves that you have a basic understanding of emerging technologies including unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies. As well as preparing you to take the CompTIA Certification exams. These certifications confirm to employers and other IT professionals that you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in the technology industry.

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